The Truth About Differences Between the Male and Female Brain

Males and females of all species have coexisted in synchronous harmony for many, many years. Well, at least until humans came along. In animals, both sexes normally do their biological share of tasks to keep reproduction alive and survive the grueling process of natural selection. To do this, they must be tough enough physically to survive, sharp enough to outsmart others, and most importantly…sexually active enough to make babies.


The Purpose of the Brain

The lowly sea squirt is a primitive ancestor of ours with a peculiar story to tell. Consisting of a rudimentary brain, visual system, and notochord, the sea squirt spends its early life gliding through the depths of the ocean in search of a stationary object to call its home. Once it finds a suitable location, it attaches itself and will remain in place for the rest of its life.

Modernizing Healthcare

Access to healthcare and affordability is an issue right now and careful change is needed. Although information is everywhere, health information can be difficult to determine what classifies as reliable information. Change is understandably hard and often times met with resistance. It is not easy to adapt to change quickly and as we continue towards a connected healthcare environment, resistance will be a risk.